Who is Lynsey Dubbeld?

Lynsey Dubbeld is a Netherlands based communications professional with a passion for content marketing, storytelling and copy writing. Her expertise covers public safety, surveillance, privacy, sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable fashion.

Lynsey works for a wide range of organisations, businesses and ngo’s, supporting their communication and PR activities with content strategy advice, storytelling and content creation.

Lynsey studied Philosophy, Science & Technology Studies and journalism. She holds a PhD in philosophy and worked as a researcher and policy advisor before specialising in communications. Having completed the Cambridge Proficiency Course, she is a near-native English speaker.

For more information, please contact Lynsey via LinkedIn, Twitter, snailmail (Park Sparrendaal 11, 3971 SJ Driebergen, the Netherlands), or Speakers Academy.

Lynsey Dubbeld fotografie Kimberley Jade Bleeker

Lynsey Dubbeld fotografie Kimberley Jade Bleeker